Monday, July 14, 2008

mr.VJ -----> Suns's Fren

last saturday, we meet Sun's friend,
old buddy with lots of memories..

knowing each other since their 1st job..
and now.. Suraj in Malaysia and Vijay in Australia..
his name is vijay kulkarni..

Actually he was transited here from Australia on the way to we took the opportunity to bring him enjoy the times..and wondering around KL..from KLIA he went to Nilai for some refreshment early in the morning..
then he came to KL-Sentral to meet us.. he was nice..and funny.. =)
then we went to klcc for some called photo session as he want to see the Twin Tower..
then to StarHill for sight seeing, then to Lowyat Plaza as he want to see some gadgets for his cute Notebook..
we had our lunch in 'little india'-Brickfield.. as it was the nearest to KL-Sentral coz VJ need to catch the ERL to KLIA.. the Sun's favorite restaurant.. Nagas

then that nite Star n Sun wentto pasar malam at Jalan TAR.. i think the last time we went there was before hari raya.. slurrpp.. the nice chendol drinks

;P Star chocked a fish bone from the laksa that we bought here..

p/s:- Star bought new sandals (while waiting for VJ at KL-Sentral).. ahahaha..

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