Monday, July 7, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdaY Sha.. 05.07.08

counted out... it has 2 big candles and 5 small cute candles.. wuts d meaning yaar?
hihi sha dh tua..sha dh tua...

pink party at my house... wit d cooperations frm the teams.. me & hubby, anggerek, nadia, khairul, my bro & sis + sha's bf..

with d yummy chocolate cake + fruits + junk foods + mee goreng + bihun goreng from anggerek and nadia..and as they claimed it as they cooked i gv triple star for them..good job!

erm..and now bout mr.khairul.. as 1st time i meet khairul..what i cn say here is he so funny..easy going and well mixed up with us..
welcome to the crazy fun group..

only gifted person cn join us..ahaha.. not much requirement needed..just need to know the meaning of friendship and honest.. doesn't matter where u cm from.. doesn't matter what jobs u r in now... gt job or jobless... as long as u know the meaning of friendship u cn just be fren with us..and we will be ur fren.. :D for better or worse.. satisfaction guaranteed.. easy rite?

p/s: what my sun said that friday.. 'do i need to wear pink...' ---> yes dear..

the sun looks so cute and adorable in pink...haha..


Anggerek said...

pinky besday celebration..
thanks to all ;)

Nik said...

holaaaa...marvellous dude!!!im speechless...thanks god gifted me a such fwen like you guys...the greatest birthday party I ever had...really hope i'll get better celebration in next year...hahaa...dude, i really like the ponky..and the butterfly cute... =P

Anonymous said...

pinky ponky.. ahaha :P

neddy said...

wah penuh makna words kt atas tu...ermm u r rite sis, we just need to know the meaning of friendship and honest...

Anggerek said...

touching words...huhuhu

as a friend, what u can do is appreciate ur friends, respect and love them.

Sailingstars-Sunshines said...

:P hehe sha.. i just acting to mk sure everythg is smooth... :D
sori ler..buat jiwa ko kacau je seminit sblm tu..