Wednesday, July 16, 2008

erm..we call it as panggilan pulau.. =)

erm.. nothing much this week..
we are just so busy with works..
Star with her works..and Sun with his works..

house looks like office...hahaha..
when java meets .Net..

Star need to finish up her works before holiday! :P

we are waiting for friday to come!
hihi we will go for island hopping...

departure on friday 12.59pm, 9 of us..
we will update once coming back.. =)


iMo said...

"departure on friday 12.59pm, 9 of us.."--> bkn 8 ke?

Sailingstars-Sunshines said...

9 of us dear... =)

Anggerek said...

10 la dear

Sailingstars-Sunshines said...

ahahah 10 la..nnt kite kire sblm bertolak..ahaha..canne neh..sib baik xtertinggal =P