Thursday, July 7, 2011

Teats NUK vs MAM vs others

Successfully BF Aleesya for 20 months.. (27th Oct 2009 ~ 27th June 2011)
since born until 8months, she was fully breastfeed-ed.. direct or through bottle..
starting 9th month i try mixed with formula milk.. still 90% BF and 10% FM..

going on until her 20th month... 90%BF ~ 10%FM
she not really into the FM unless she has no choice..
for example when we were outside for outing and run out of EBM...

suddenly on her 20th month, i decided to stop BF and give her 100% FM..
shocking news..  i have no choice.. have to fully FM her..
reasons : P&C hihi..
back to the topic... about teats...

Aleesya is sooooo fussy about her milk bottle & teats...

1st type i bought (since born (standard neck) on 4th month change to wide neck.. using it untill now ) is the NUK  teats and use it with nuk bottle / pureen / tupperware bottles.. ~ she likes it so much

2nd type (using till 4 month for EBM) is the Breastflow bottle from First Years ~ she doesn't likes it..just use it for few times only 

3rd type  i bought recently (2days ago) is the MAM bottle ~ 50 - 50.. ~ she didn't refused it but she not really enjoying it...

hurm.. i think i need give her some times to get used to MAM teats..
but overall..for me.. NUK is the best.. with their orthodontic and anti colic function..
Aleesya is colic free..since born until now..  :)
NUK teats also come with different airflow sizes for different stages of a baby’s life. There are essentially three sizes, categorised as 1,2 and 3. Size 1 refers to small hole size and is suitable for use of a baby who is 0 to 6 months old. Size 2 is a medium sized hole for babies from 6 to 18 months old. Size 3 will feature a large sized hole and is for use for babies who are 18 months and above.

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