Friday, January 22, 2010

Daddy feel ‘left out’

:D daddy feel left out since only mummy can nursing the baby..
And mummy feel too tired as the breastfeed baby feeds more often compare to formula-feed baby. This happen because the breast milk is more quickly digested and leaves the stomach empty more frequently.

But i get a solution for this, I bought The First Years: Breastflow Starter Set BPA Free.

Again I bought it online…
(i bought spectra3, sterilizer & warmer before this) now from the…for RM49.90 (normal price is RM79.90).

I received the parcel on 20th Jan 2010, as I make an order + payment on 18th Jan 2010..

We try with 5oz EBM put in that bottle...

I’m so happy as the baby can accept the bottle and at the same time can continue breastfeeding… without any confusion :D and now I’m more happy as daddy also can help feed the baby…

Mummy : can rest…
Daddy : no more ‘left out’ feelings…

And everybody is happy now! 1 happy family at home!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

pray for PAPA

Please pray for PAPA (my father-in-law)..
He found out that he's got an aggressive bladder cancer.
Please pray that he will remain strong and
will have enough strength to fight this..