Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back Paining...

whole week attack..

each attack is very painful..spoiling my mood!
thanks to my hubby for being there for me..
help me doing the house work when i'm sick..

thanks dear..
ointment finished 1 bottle in 1 month or less...

so painful.. hard to tell people how it is..
make the whole body weak..

hard to sleep during nite time..sleepy during day time!

pain killer each day.. bored! really bored!

need another therapy i think..
again doc..doc..doc..

really think to resign..
need some rest and therapy..
and be active like before..
i love jogging...

-------- ermmm -----------
-: small accidents / sports injury during school time
-: this 'thing' become worst end of last year as i have to carry heavy things for moving house..notebook..etc..
-: usually i will be able to do it..but i dnt know...
-: 1 xray..
-: traditional massages..
-: i went for therapy at tawakkal hospital,KL for 3 days straight
-: went for doc almost every month..
-: pain killer every day, after taking so much pain killer, i got gastric.. (Bonus i think.. =( )
-: finished up my total 14days MC before end of September 2008
-: terrible? YES!
-: what to say ? NOTHING!
-: do i need to give more explanations? WHAT Do YOU THINK??

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