Sunday, October 19, 2008

nite time @ mcD

McD - i'm lovin it...

arrived at :
10pm - 17th october 2008

out :
arr 4am - 18th october 2008

purposed :
virtually helping anggerek's niece -- aiNa..

what we did :
some sort of interviews.. =P

what we not supposed to do but we did it:
singing and sleeping..
and playing near the windows...
gazing outside the windows..
weirdly actions..
take the creamer n put it back..
went to toilet frequently..
talk nonsensically (eg: wana take the lights..put it at home..then bring it back..while waiting fr the uploaded things to be successfully done )

inside-outside.. =D

luv this...want it!!!

the sun's fav..

guess who is she? between 2 cups of coffee....

useful dig somebody's sleepy eyes.. ahaha
to stir the black roasted coffee actually... freshly roast!

our fav : anggerek & me


Anggerek said...

thank u so much for ur help

Sailingstars-Sunshines said...

small matter..

nt a big deal pon...