Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Exclusively breastfeeding

As I’m getting a newborn soon,
I plan to give ‘her’ an exclusive breastfeeding.
I did some research about breastfeeding,
ebm storage and gadgets that is needed in this mission.
My hubby gave his 110% support to my plan to exclusively breastfeed our baby,
And generously gave me the entire gadget I need.
He bought me
(actually I choose all items and bought it online, but by using his money =) )

1. Spectra 3 breast pump backpack Set A. this set contains:
• Spectra 3 Breast Pump
• 2 Breastshield Sets
• 1 PP storage bottle
• Moms Precious Backpack bag with rain cover
• Moms Precious Cooler Bag
• 12 Moms Precious bottles 4 cups
• 3 Ice Packs
• And another free gifts ( 6 bottles 2 cups)
2. Little Bean Sterilizer and Warmer Combo Pack FREE 2 bottles
3. container for extra milk storage

I bought all these from my favorite breastfeeding e-shop http://www.enjoybreastfeed.com which gave the lower price compared to other e-shop and I get the special price (even u will get it too if u become their members (free membership okeh…)).

Ahahaha.. looks like promoting this website, actually I’m not getting anything from promoting them,
but just for sharing with all my friend that intend to exclusively breastfeed their baby, this e-shop can help u spend wisely.
And the most important is the owner is very friendly :D
She answers all my questions,
keep mailing me for each updates…she gave me the best service ever..
Overall I’m very satisfied. Big thanks…

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