Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wedding Gallery (,") + (",)

hi all..

we will update the edited version soon asap..
right now the Star was really busy and keep sick for the whole month now..
and the Sun doesn't know how to edit photos.. muehehe..
sorry hubby..muahhhss... :P

psstt..he know how to clean the house ok.. ;D and know how to manage the oven while helping me baking.. really great job dear!


ermm... so as for temporarily here is our wedding album :)

Wedding Album

(,") + (",)


Anggerek said...

sweet term (star n sun) hehehe.
keep blogging...

u re very luck now, got helper at home heheheh

Sailingstars-Sunshines said...

hihi his name in hindi means 'sun'..