Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1st April..but it is not an april fool!!!

I am now in my week 10th of pregnancy so I am already in the middle of the third month..

I tried to keep hush about my pregnancy during the first couple months because I thought it was way too early to share the news with everybody else.

I just told the closest family members and other few certain people.
Furthermore, there were so many things wondering in my mind and most of them made me scared so I thought it was better for me to just get confirmed with the doctor first whether we were doing okay or not and at the same time I could settle with my mind to ACCEPT that I AM already pregnant.

Not that it was shocking news to us since we already planned to get conceive on the last three or four months and I already expected it that I should be pregnant. Well, finally we were READY to think about having a baby and now the baby is on the way!

(Got the positive result on 22nd February 2009,and that’s too without any early pregnancy symptoms at all and the doctor is shocked too. Thanks Dr.Aidil and Dr.Subash)

Alhamdulillah, Allah granted our wish as we planned.
But there is still a long more way to go and I pray everyday that Allah will make it easy and smooth until the end of my pregnancy, InsyaAllah.

I have to be prepared for whatever is going to happen, but at the same time I really hope only the happy ones are going to occur, Ameen.

So first of all I'm going to update about my conditions.

So far, everything has been so smooth and so easy for me as I’m not having any morning sickness or nausea. and I’m gaining few KGs now.

Hopefully these good things will keep going till the end of my pregnancy.

moms to be :
Muni 13th Aug,
Ibnu's Wife 1st Sept,
Umie, Diana 29th Oct,

great sharing moments ;) with u moms n dad..

can see some of my backdated posts.. ;) written but not been published earlier

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Anonymous said...

hi congrats..
don't worry so much..everythings will be fine.. ur baby will be great!

dnt take pain killer ok..

take care..